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Becoming a momma turned me into a HUGE fan of making online purchases. I mean, come on, shopping in your PJs?! Yes, please! Don’t get me wrong, I still love aimlessly wandering the aisles of Target, filling up my cart just to turn around and put it all back before leaving the store. In fact, I consider it a hobby. But it’s hard to find the inspiration (and energy…amiright) to redecorate when you’re toting around a four-month-old. Enter Amazon Prime.

I’ve always taken a certain level of pride in decorating my home. My husband has learned, in our four years of marriage, that when I ask for his opinion, I’m really looking for a nod and a pat on the back for such ASTOUNDING creativity. Maybe even a, “CLEARLY you missed your calling in interior design!” HA! Typically, he likes what I come up with, but every now and then we end up with something that’s not exactly his cup of tea. Like pink flannel sheets, for example.

“What the heck Sarah…why does our bed look like a unicorn?”

It’s been a while since I’ve had the urge to update anything around our home, though. I had a particularly rough pregnancy, and when you’ve got a newborn, decorating falls to the very bottom of your to-do list (if it even makes the list at all). But December 30 marked our daughter, Harley, turning four months old. And while I am extremely blessed with the privilege of staying home and bonding with my baby, that’s four months of me hardly leaving the house. Four months hunkered down in our humble duplex moving from the bed, to the couch, to the stove… Four months. It was time to break the routine.So I set a new course the best way I knew how: by changing up the scenery! And the best part?! I did it all with AMAZON!

The Living Room

I figured this room, being where Harley and I spend most of our time,  was a great place to begin. Our original design wasn’t too bad, it just wasn’t very livable with a baby. We started with hardwood floors and a lot of open space. As you can see below, it wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t very “cozy.”


Every time I set Harley down to play, I had to take time to get out our thickest blanket, fold it into quarters, and then put her Finding Nemo Activity Gym on top of the blanket before laying her down. I knew I wanted to find an easier way.

I came up with two solutions: a play-mat and a rug. After spending a TON of time searching for the perfect one for our small space, I actually ended up finding this play mat at Ikea (I know… I strayed. But everything else is from Amazon. I promise). I LOVE that I can unfold and refold this mat with one hand. And it tucks away so easily!

The next step was a rug. I absolutely love this vintage inspired rugI found for an AMAZING price on Amazon. I bought the 8’×10′ in light blue for just $120. I think it’s fair to say this rug alone sparked the creative inspiration to take on the rest of the house. 
Once we had the rug down, it pulled the room together so beautifully that I couldn’t stop there. So I went on a hunt for the perfect ottoman. I figured an ottoman was preferable over a coffee table since Harley will be mobile soon. But I wanted the best of both worlds, so I looked for one with hidden trays to double as a coffee table. I chose this ottoman, which even offers the bonus of blanket and toy storage. 
I ordered a felt pad for under the rug to add an extra barrier between Harley and the hardwoods. The pad makes it a lot more comfortable to sit on the floor too, which adds comfy space for friends and family to gather around the TV.

Finally, the finishing touches! I replaced our old, fairly deflated, couch pillows with new throw pillows and pillow covers. I swapped out the curtains and added some curtain tie-backs. Here is the space now!

The Kitchen

Our kitchen brings me a whole new level of joy, because it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. I took it from bare walls, cluttered cabinets and minimal counter space to a warm, welcoming, well-organized kitchen that’s a lot more fun to cook in. We started here:

And here it is now:

My first goal was to free up space in my cupboards so I could move things off the counters. I also wanted to make sure everything was easily accessible. I decided to go with this pot rack, which easily became my favorite new part of my kitchen. The pots and pans cupboard was always my nemesis—a constant mess that served up a constant challenge to find and remove the pot or pan and lid I needed (I know I’m not alone in this). Being able to hang the pots and pans on the wall freed up an entire large cupboard and allowed me to rearrange things, giving me much-needed counter spacer. As a little bonus, I also chose to hang our paper towels under the cupboard with this adhesive paper towel holder.

The decorative accents in my kitchen were a lot of fun to shop for. I started with the shelves over the sink to bring some life to the white wall. I know the all-white, minimalist look is really popular right now, but I’m more of a cozy decorator. I like things to feel warm and welcoming because I love to host get togethers.
On the shelves, I have a marble rolling pin, along with other goodies from around the house.
I also found an AMAZING deal on a set of two bar stools. These are incredibly sturdy and look so much nicer than the semi-broken, mix-and-match (more mix, less match) ones we had before. 
Finally, I replaced Leo’s dog food and water bowls with this adorable, PetMaker set. All I need now is a cute floor mat to pull it all together! But that will have to wait since I’ve definitely maxed out the budget. 

The Bathroom

Last but not least, I tackled the bathroom. As you can see, our bathroom is teenietiny. And due to the lack of space, it seemed to be in constant disarray, but this cabinet made all the difference in the world. While obviously a tight squeeze, adding the cabinet ended the practice of cramming things around the toilet on the floor. (Gross!) Getting creative with small spaces and doubling decor as storage is a win-win. Especially when you don’t have much room to work with.

So there you go! That’s how I upgraded my home by redecorating with Amazon. Leave a comment and let me know if this post inspired you to make a change.


    • Thanks Cecilia! I do love my kitchen now. I think the bathroom has become my favorite transformation though. I should have gotten a “before” photo.

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