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What will surround you in those late night hours when you’re cuddling your newborn? Your choices on nursery decor are more for you than your new baby. You will spend countless hours in this new environment feeding, changing, playing, soothing… It’s important the space brings you joy.

Colors play a huge role in setting the tone for your nursery. Finding these sage green storage bins completely shaped my vision for Harley’s nursery. Originally I was planning to have red accents and poppies, but these bins brought me peace and joy when I saw them, inspiring a whole new design direction. I solidified the color scheme with a Little Unicorn changing pad cover and crib skirt in Watercolor Rose.

Once you find your “centerpiece” you will establish the foundation for your nursery, and can build from there. Your centerpiece will help you create a cohesive design. For me it was the color sage. For you it may be a rug or wall hanging or even an heirloom piece of furniture. For a cohesive design, start with the centerpiece.

In the spirit of keeping things cohesive I chose to go with all white furniture. Thanks to Kohl’s Cash, I saved a nice chunk of money. The secret to saving with Kohl’s Cash is patience. If you’re willing to plan out your purchases and be patient, you can save too. I started by buying the 6-Cube Storage bookshelf and toy organizer, which I got on sale for around $70. This earned me $10 in Kohl’s Cash. Then, I waited for the Kohl’s Cash to be active and ordered Harley’s dresser, which was originally $279. I not only saved $10 from my bookshelf rewards, but I also earned $50 more in Kohl’s Cash. Can you see where I’m going with this? 😉 I used this $50 toward her crib. Total savings on white nursery furniture from Kohl’s Cash alone: $60. And don’t forget to wait for sales!

If you want even more savings, sign up for a free Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards account before ordering anything.

We finished off the furnishings with a floor lampside table, and rug from Target, and a swivel rocker from Buy Buy Baby. Although, Kohl’s sells a similar rocker that reclines if you want to keep the Kohls Cash rolling.

Combining my centerpiece sage green with my daughter’s name makes this view my favorite. I positioned my rocking chair directly across from it, and I never get tired of soaking it in while nursing, rocking, and cuddling little miss Harley Wren.

Harley has a favorite view too. Our beautiful, handmade dreamcatcher. A wonderful friend made this as a decoration for my baby shower and after seeing it, I knew it would have a special place in our nursery.

Can you see why my nursery brings me joy? Harley loves it too.

Show me your nursery in the comments below. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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