This is one of those projects that makes you LOVE having a sewing machine. In absolutely no time at all, I took a plain, $4 onesie from Target and added a little extra “something.”

And – here’s the best part – all I used was my sewing machine and some variegated (“ombré) thread. Win!

This process is CRAZY SIMPLE, and therefore really doesn’t require a long drawn out explanation. So let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Choose a Decorative/Character stitch

Grab a fabric scrap and have some fun! Test out some different stitches with the thread you’ve chosen until you find one you love.

Step 2: Stitch it out!

The most important part of this step is to make sure you don’t sew your onesie together! To avoid this, simply bunch the onesie until you’ve got just the top layer flat on the bed of your machine (shown above).
If your machine has a laser guide beam, I highly recommend it for this step. It makes visualizing where the middle of the stitch will go much easier.
The final trick is to go nice and slow. Let your machine pull the fabric, you’ll simply guide it so your stitch remains straight.

And you’re done!

Can you believe it?! HA! It’s really THAT easy. Now all you need is a cute baby to model your work. 😉

If you’re seeing this, and thinking, “Even I could do that!” You’re right!
Stop by Kiki’s anytime and the ladies will show you the perfect sewing machine to get you started at a truly unbeatable price.

Let me know in the comments below which machine was your perfect fit.

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