Kiki’s Quilt Shack in Fresno, CA has sponsored The Parsons Pack to discover and share the modern world of Sewing and DIY Design with the next generation. Let’s push the boundaries of DIY and try something new.

Super Easy Quilted Coasters

Woohoo! I’m feeling super proud to share my very first, finished sewing project! These coasters are SO CUTE, perfect for summer, and are 100% baby safe (since she can’t poke her eye out with them). This was a fairly quick project, only taking me about 2.5 hours or so. If you’re an experienced sewer, I’m…


Learn to Sew With Me!

You’re a newbie? Me too!  Before stepping into Kiki’s, I’d never touched a sewing machine in my life. But my first sewing class ignited a fire in me. I had absolutely no idea what possibilities the knowledge and craft of sewing would bring me. I suddenly had a whole WORLD of creativity at my fingertips.…